Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 4

Well I guess the detox has hit me today - I am unfocussed, unmotivated and craving everything I can't eat!!! Salty snacks, sweet stuff, warm & yeasty breads... ugh! Have class tonight so have all three meals already here today - multi-grain cereal, rice cakes and guacamole and cucumbers, kale beet & corn salad, and left-over fried rice for supper. Will have to make an effort and exciting and interesting food tomorrow.

Today's variations: the cereal with original Rice Dream, vanilla and nutmeg. Actually quite good - just not satisfying those other tastes. (I am exactly where I need to be)

Put some of the Rice Dream into the Bengal Spice Tea - reasonable facimile of chai latte! : )

Fried rice without oyster sauce or soy sauce... just isn't fried rice. : (

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