Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 7

Other than being tired by 8pm, which is possible to push through, I am finding this to be relatively easy. No extreme side effects and it's been a pleasure to be in the kitchen and cooking again. Still fighting cravings, to be expected I guess... some thoughts when looking in the cupboards go like this, "Oh yeah - when I can eat again I'll make sure to work THAT into the menu." lol

Went out for breakfast again with a friend yesterday. We went to a lovely diner downtown that I can't wait to show to other people. It's relatively simple food - at least to my mind. The hollandaise sauce was purely butter, egg yolk and lemon - which meets the detox requirements... but I do wonder if it was a cheat. The dish was a corned beef hash with eggs and hollandaise. There was also a pea sprout topping which I suspect had been tossed in either vinegar or lemon juice and sugar. Oh well. It was yummy! ;)

Last night I made a chipotle chicken in the over and a nectarine salsa. Yum! Now, if I'd made the salsa the day before - shazaam!!
- chicken breasts
- a chipotle seasoning that I found that meets the reqs
Let the chicken sit with the spice as a rub for 3-4 hours in the fridge. Then pop into over with a lightly oiled pan for about 30-40 mins at 350F.
- 2 nectarines
- juice of one lime
- about 1/4 cup ea onion, green and red pepper
- half of a jalapeno
- 1/4 tsp cumin
- salt & pepper to taste

Today I will finish the last of the old pkg that I had of the cleanse. Tomorrow will be the start of the new 12-day supply. I will finish just in time for a friend's baby shower! However... to test if I really have any food allergies I suppose I should behave myself for a couple of days afterward. : (

This afternoon I've made the curried apple snacks and am going to do the black bean and corn loaf. Will also prep the ingredients for the leek, eggplant and potato casserole. Looking forward to both - good & hearty!!

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