Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Days 2 & 3

Yesterday was my team breakfast at work. I packed some of my multi-grain cereal just in case, but was prepared to make it work at the restaurant. And it did work! I had two eggs over-medium, with sliced tomatoes and fried potatoes.

Lunch followed as rice cakes with guacamole and cucumber and left-over kale, beet & corn salad. Actually, the salad followed about two hours later as the rice cakes filled me for the time.

After work I came home to put together a fish curry. Working vaguely from taste memories of a lovely fish madras(?) from a local Indian restaurant, I searched the web for a base to start from. I found this:

1 onion, finaely sliced
olive oil for frying
2tbsp curry paste (Madras is good for this)
2x 400g tins of chopped tomatoes
450g white fish fillet, cut into chunks
a small handful of coriander leaves

And this is what I made:
1/2 onion, roughly chopped
olive oil for frying
1tbsp tikka spice blend (as this didn't have offending ingedients)
sprinkle of tumeric
coupla sprinkles of garam masala
fresh lime rind
kaffir lime leaf
one cube of frozen chooped coriander
2 cups chooped tomatoes
cod fillet
lime juice to finish


Today was the cereal that I brought to work yesterday with some cardomom, all-spice and almond butter. Sounds a little strange - but, oh, so satisfying!

Lunch was rice cakes with hummous, cuke and carrot. That filled me up! Had planned on having some berries for an afternoon snack, but it was a busy one and I didn't notice the hunger until the end of the day. Did a bit of shopping on the way home and picked up some tuna for Friday (will marinate that, have with brown rice and soy beans). Chicken for BBQ chipotle chicken and nectarine salsa (peaches had disappeared!) on Saturday, and leeks and potatoes for Sunday - Leek, Potato and Eggplant casserole.

Planning 3 days out is kinda breaking the shop and cook daily rule a little... but, it's still fresh! And I'm keeping the recipes pared down so that I don't have too many leftover (which I hate!). Am enjoying cooking each night, but am finding the clean-up a little difficult as I'm finding that I've run out of energy by the time I eat. Otherwise, I can't complain - am not feeling sluggish and am sleeping VERY well. Noticed myself really attracted by smells and sights and thoughts of food today. But a lot of that was just being hungry. Am finding myself satisfied so far. ; )

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